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May 6, 2011

A Flea Market ~ Pleasanton, California

P5296026P5296027Beautiful old patchwork quilt.P5296050I love old hat boxes.
P5296053Like a chassid, only with a pony tail.P5296058P5296061 You know how much I appreciate a shirt over a shirt done right! P5296065From an old Fill STation, I wanted them, but for what…& now that I’m looking at them for the 20th time I figured out a great use for them!P5296070 Dude goin home with some antlers. Classic. P5296074 Wow, what a hat band. I thought about getting it and putting it on a different hat… More work… Darn, cant believe I left it behind. P5296076Covering up from the sun. P5306105P5306107P5306108P5306111Love this old Levi’s belt.P5306181P5306180P5306125P5306129P5306131P5306132P5306144 Removable CollarsP5306148P5306163P5306186The guy says “10 bucks with the box, I says 5 w/o? He says 15 w/o. P5306187Walked with it for 5.

April 5, 2011

The Man In The Polyester Suits

I know y’all are more ADD than I but I ask you to get through this one. The last few are the best shots…

P6287533 P6287536 P6287537 P6287539I see homie sitting out in the sun almost every sunny day for a weeks straight before I began taking these photos.P7087788 P7087784P7087786He carried around a picture album with photos of himself and family. He would get very excited over this photo. This is him by a San Francisco landmark. The Transamerica Building I believe.


P7097815We didnt understand eachother at all but every time he would get to this picture he would shout “My grandson, My grandson” “NYU, NYU” I think is what he said.
P7097818 P7268928Once I walked him to the bathrooms in our lobby. P7268930And he once again showed me his photo album. P7268931One of my favorites of him. That shirt and his pose! P7268932 P7268934 P7268935 P7268936 P7268937Definitely the shot!P7268939shirt/tie combination is out of control. P7268940

October 6, 2010

Robert E. Bryan

Gawd, his oxford with that perfect bow tie and the hand picked stitching on that lapel! don’t miss his cuffs. If you don’t already know, Robert Bryan was the men’s fashion director of the New York Times Magazine, the men’s editor at W… and wrote this book: American Fashion Menswear. I always look forward to seeing Robert at appointments and shows/presentations during fashion week just to see his rings and belts. His fine fancy furnishings are always from various thrift shops and local flea markets. Refreshing to hear that beautiful items can still be found amongst all the hyper curated shabby chicness thats flooding our nations flea markets. Robert signed my book ” I leave you my last ring”.