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September 8, 2010

Engineered Garments Store Opens in NYC ~Sneak Peek

The kind folks of Engineered Garments invited me to tour their store that opens later today at 307 W. 38th St. in a space that used to repair sewing machines will now sell their collection as well as Nepenthes and Needles. In fact, the old signage is still there. Not covered or painted over, yet anyhow…

P9079824 P1320692 Bossman/Founder of Nepenthes & Needles designer Keizo Shimizu. I need those socks!! P1320734 Hanging the work of Carrie Housman & Darbury Stenderu The show is based on designs they have done for Nepenthes in the past. I know its a sneak preview but Im gonna delve in a lil here. No two of the fourteen fixtures around the store are alike. There is one made of rare pieces of wood, cant remember the name of the wood but the Japanese use it for chessboards. P1320688 favourite shirt. P1320687 Suits insane. Love it. Costumey, yes, but I'm stuck in the 70's in my head. P1320685 P1320684 Rabbit I think. P1320680 P1320701 Made from actual Woolrich blanket fabric! P1320699 I know some fellas who'll love this long shirt. Myself included. P1320718 P1320716 & just a few standard shirts for a more regular kinda guy. In the photo before this, that club collared black striped shirt on the left is so insanely beautiful. P1320627 Mark McNairy for Engineered Garments. Exclusive Shit. P9079857 Leather & Suede! P9079851 Trickers Monks!!!!! P9079854 P9079847 P9079846 P9079838 Old bandannas made into patchwork pocket squares. They have scarves as well! P1320636 South2 West8 P9079831 Dressing Room P1320637 P1320638 P1320645 P1320652 P9079861 P1320668 Vestibule Jewelry P1320669 Yup, Engineered Garments poncho! P1320672 P1320675 All the buttons are different, and vintage! P9079867 Lets just say pajamas, or my favorite things in the store. You may call them leggings, I call them longjohns! P9079868 Feel that mohair! P1320730 The crown jewel. So dope. P1320712 More artwork waiting to be hung. Thank you much Angelo. That Nepenthes shirt is fire.

June 28, 2010

Kurt Hollomon is One Cool Cat

Kurt hit me up a while back and we have been exchanging emails and pleasantries ever since. He very humbly wrote telling me he enjoys drawing the characters on my site. I figured someone who enjoys my subjects and their kits as mush as I do must be cool. Then the mail arrived
Dont be nosy, no reason to read the letter, point is look at that chuck taylor (belonging to his girlfriend Ann who’s pretty fucking rad herself!)
The sketches are exactly what I wish I could doodle!
On his most recent drawing trip to New York (he brings his students along!) to meet with some illustrators and artists/designers I had the honor of finally meeting Kurt. In the short time we had together I flipped through 3 of the heavy books he had carried along and snapped just a few of his amazing sketches.
Not sure this fellas from my site, but he is special! Kurt is just awesome.
I searched the world wide web and found some accurate words on Kurt: Habitual sketchbook practitioner—Kurt Hollomon’s work employs the direct observational drawing style that gives his illustrations a sense of reality tempered with a quirky, spirited line. Former Mt. Rainier climbing guide, Kurt has been art director, designer and now illustrator as well as teacher of drawing and illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. A modern day Magellan with a Micron or possibly Lewis or Clark in a Land Rover; bouncing towards the southern tip of Patagonia with a cheese sandwich and bottle of water tossed into a shoulder bag filled with drawing supplies… few artists have been able to capture the beauty, history, and happiness of the outdoor lifestyle as Kurt has. To discover more about Kurt, visit his website
and check this out:

January 21, 2010

Matt Singer

P1300432 P1300423


P1300404 as you can probably tell, i like the belts alot. That there is a monkey sitting on a scale, upset (its that last hole.)


Matt Singer and I used to work together b in the d so I was excited and a tiny bit proud to see he finally launched his own line. We got together recently and he showed me some of his work— long sleeve and short sleeve shirts in two-ply cotton oxford oxford cloth, some sturdy cotton canvas bags, and a crazy assortment of accessories—cotton canvas and suede belts, woven bookmarks, glass ashtrays, tie-dye leather lighter covers, and an eyewear project with Selima and the Thing Quarterly. What I like about Matt ‘s work is his mix of storytelling with design. His work has a distinctly American viewpoint but its feels fresh somehow. Whenever I see Matt he’s wearing something from the wrong season, a salmon colored belt in winter, but it works. The quality of the shirts is spot on, made in the U.S.A. The canvas brief has that elegant simplicity you find in old Longchamp bags. His website also has an interesting selection of short films for sale, a collection of vintage watches and there is a book section that he puts together with Idlewild Books. mattsinger.net