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November 25, 2012

A Green Fedora, Tartan Plaid Tie, Pink Shirt, 3 pc Suit, Silk Paisley Scarf & The Warmest Smile

P1012983Then the wind came…

October 6, 2010

Robert E. Bryan

Gawd, his oxford with that perfect bow tie and the hand picked stitching on that lapel! don’t miss his cuffs. If you don’t already know, Robert Bryan was the men’s fashion director of the New York Times Magazine, the men’s editor at W… and wrote this book: American Fashion Menswear. I always look forward to seeing Robert at appointments and shows/presentations during fashion week just to see his rings and belts. His fine fancy furnishings are always from various thrift shops and local flea markets. Refreshing to hear that beautiful items can still be found amongst all the hyper curated shabby chicness thats flooding our nations flea markets. Robert signed my book ” I leave you my last ring”.

February 3, 2010

Mark McNairy ~ dapper in A 3 pc. Plaid Suit



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