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February 28, 2012

How To Wear An Overshirt (A Shirt Over A Shirt)





Everywhere I go lately I see fellas wearing shirts over a shirt. In many cases the shirt on top (worn as a light weight jacket) is just as light if not lightwer in fabric! That makes no sense really. The over shirt should be a bit heavier. Maybe a chamois from LL Bean or a wool shirt from Woolrich (I saw Brooks Brothers at Pitti and thyre doing a plaid one for black fleece). Got to note how this guy wore braces. I like the sort of untucked tucked. It’s alot better than the half tuck you see everywhere. Classic. Not for everyone to try. The shirt on top has to fit as a regular shirt would> These days so many guys cant even button the top button of the shirt thyre wearing in general!

July 28, 2011

Mini Bic Lighter Covers ~ MATT SINGER

LightersI detest how people ‘these days’ say ‘my friend’ or my good friend when they don’t even know the person. Matt Singer is a friend. I had the privilege of working with him at JACK SPADE. I was first introduced to Reynspooner from Matt and I’m sure a few other good things. His collection is pretty rad. Here you see just a smidgen of his flavour. Leather lighter covers in cheetah, dalmatian, and tie-dye prints & a version in brown lizard, each comes with mini Bic lighter.