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February 4, 2012

More From Pitti Uomo FW12

P1103597Insanely beautiful coat.P1103597Inventory dude. Simple, classic & casual.P1103597A Nigel Caborun solider before going in.P1103597Harris Tweed everything.P1103597HaversackP1103597Loved the herringbone blazer w/ floral shirt & camo hat. Dude was wearing some of the best shoes I ever seen too. The black patent bow desert boots from Acne.P1103790Oh Angelo..I showed a cropped version of his chest earlier in Pitti coverage..

January 29, 2012

Some Details ~ Top, Mid & Lowers of Pitti Uomo FW12

P1103652One of the 3 Inventory dudes. They were on my best dressed list. Not Peacocking at all, all in classic, practical layers.
Bowtie10Dude from 14 oz. Paisley bowtie with gingham LVC western, Gloverall!,
P1103687Wanny di Filippo

P1103687Angelo Flaccavento
P1103827Acne patent leather ‘desert boots’ with bows!! Kinda want these.
P1103949Daiki of Engineered Garments. What a perfect jacket. Apears to be classicly tailored w/ extra pocket.
P1101740Nick Sullivan of Esquire.
P1101719Paisley Dr. Marten’s, not sure if thyre men’s but they’re killer.
P1111946Stripes, polka dots and I think that’s fair isle under the striped T.
P1111876The Japanese love their Paraboot..

January 15, 2012

Pitti Uomo FW12 ~ Firenze ~ Day One

P1103161The man. Angelo. Check his mismatched shoes. Type II Levi’s under a leather bomber! Tweed trousers are pretty much Pitti’s jeans. Lastly, a thumbs up at this hour is kinda fake, but not from Angelo, he’s super stoked to be on his way into the stand he represents.

P1103173My favorite gal at Pitti. Head to toe Nigel Cabourn She wears menswear almost or as good as S.M.B. of Identical Eye

P1103289We already know the down vest is about normal over a sports coat, but this is a quilted overcoat. New to my eyes, and not entirely mad at it. Not sure about the pocketsquare in the breast pocket, typically reserved for gloves or glasses.. It kind of works. I love the hand picked stitching on the lapels and his polka doted scarf.

P1103311Love the tweed, camo & floral mix. You already know my zero tolerance for saggy beanies. & his necktie is a bit of a necklace but..

P1103445Thyre wearing sweaters as outerwear but thats besides the point. This is one beautiful (sweater) pattern. Side note: love that he’s carrying a filson bag and see the cigarettes in pocket. lol. kinda not so manly and manly.

P1103449It’s the jeans cut just a tad short that I love. Of course, red socks are always great. Especially when paired with jeans, a tee and a camel overcoat! Effortless..

P1103557The bottom button of his vest should be unbuttoned but otherwise he’s kind killing it. Also wish his trouser cuff was a bit larger.

P1103582Took this one for you M.A.R., see how cool a beard can look, especially with a suit and bowtie! (you will soon be wearing one daily)

P1103679I mean, (Aaron is a friend, but let’s not let that get in the way here, I don’t post people the U.S. blogosphere loves just becuase thy’re loved. I genuinely like the look here). Danners, camel overcoat, white shirt and jeans. The scarf is a nice touch adding color. I suck at touching up photos and don’t really do it- I’m kind of trying, not sure if this was or not. (wish i could have gotten the toyotas true colors.

P1103767The fair isle tie with a denim shirt and plaid blazer works well. Oy, he had his pants tucked into his socks, so no, you can’t see the full length.


P1103850Fascinated by this suit. It looks like a cotton shirting but its actually wool or a heavy cotton, moleskin or flannel like! Worn with a T wasnt a bad look. It was spring like weather this day.

P1103892The infamous Eddie Predergast of seminal british street/ tailoring label ‘the duffer of st george’, or maybe its now just duffer..Saw so many quilted jackets but this one I was really taken by. Looks so luxxx in wool.
So many gems to post, I will try and give you more tomorrow.