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November 23, 2011

Bruce Weber & Friends @ Versace for H&M Thing

PB091535Love his understated (looks to have been done by hand) monogram.PB091529PB091536PB091543
PB091547Phil Oh!
PB091625Tati Cotliar ~She’s amazing.PB091627Couple o’ local shooters.PB091631Arty!!! {watching Nikki or Prince, I forget, was more into shootin’} folks}
PB091641Um..Yeah, I know. She kills it every time.

November 22, 2011

RUGBY Opens A New Shop In NYC

P1370247P1370247P1370247IMG_2231Ralph Lauren opened a new RUGBY store on Bleecker St. The shop is perfect, it really is. Vintage school boy blazers hanging along side their own tweed sport coats. The shirts and trousers were just spot on. Tab collar on a plaid shirt. Classic grey, plaid and striped trousers..Vintage watches with new grosgrain bands..Looking forward to seeing how the collection and store evolves.