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January 30, 2012

Last Images Of Pitti Uomo FW12 Firenze Italy

P1101421I like the way he mixed a workwear jacket under a vintage varsity jacket with Dickies
P1101512He bought this Alpha Industries coat about 20 yrs ago. It looks brand new.
P1101346Thy’re doing the blankie thing…
P1101252Leather shorts!
P1111812One of the best looks I saw. Wide wale cords, tasseled loafers and that down hat!!
P1111927These down blazers were everywhere, I kinda want one. I like how John is wearing it. Not too dressy.
P1111938Terry Ellis
P1112142Love how casually they wear overcoats!
P1111975I do love this classic American look. A duffle (probably not Gloverall, wish it was), crew neck sweater over a turtleneck!
P1122225That coat is so boss!
P1122317This was the most impressive new collection I saw. m’s braque, from Paris.

P1122317P1122317P1122317P1122317P1122317That’s a silk tuxedo shirt.
P1122313P1122328This shirt was the 1s item to grab my attention. Reminds me of an old Nicole Miller tie or Moschino print..
P1122342Again, most Americans look costumey. Not Sean, simple DB, spread is a bit dressy, but hey, we are in Florence. I might not have hemmed the jeans, but that’s me. All in all, it’s perfect.
P1122340Dude from bstore again. If he was American this would’nt work as well. I dont mean to be so hard on our people, it’s just that the shorter proportions tend to look not as natural. I could do because I’m not tall, but a real man size might have a harder time.
P1122345This is one of the 1st times I didnt mind long hair worn with a fedora.

January 22, 2012

Stand Love ~ bStore ~ Pitti Uomo FW12

P1112104 P1112104 P1112104P1112104 P1112104P1112109 P1112109 P1112109P1112112 P1112113The best clothing I saw period. Pleated full trousers paired with blazers just a tad too short compensate as to not look too small around (t.Browne), the fabrics thyre making together with Liberty! Their shoes! the tees..And really enjoyable people. P1112116Show me another brand having as much fun as these guys..

July 18, 2011

London ~ East End in Two Days

P7085245Love these low desert boots w/ the binding of wax or whatever. His short sleeved sweatshirts pretty rad too. He is siting outside the Albam shop which was a new to me really cool shop. Nice oxford banded collar pop-over shirts..
P7085276A new Grenson shop with a cool staff. I just found this article and y’all should really appreciate it!
P7085264Can’t remember dudes name right this second! Matthew?P7085261So sick.
P7085262My favourite. The Casper.
P7085270A Custy.
P7085315Different than the gal in Wiliamsburg or San Francisco in the same polka dotted blouse and cut-offs.
P7085346Hostem has got to be one of the coolest shops in London right now. Like many I saw, they kept the old exterior or made it look old…
P7095391Just some of the brands they carry.P7085371Labour And Wait. One of the coolest shops in za vorld right now. they even have their own section at Dover Street Market. They sell kitchen supplies along with Musc from Portugal and Face Cream for the gals. Both come in the same packaging it has been in since the 30’s.
P7085372Another beautiful building.
P7095453The only way to display shirts. At The New Republic this is what the shirts were displayed in. I will have one in my shop one day.
P7095529In case you thought I was no longer shooting older dudes who stay killing it. The guy on the steps is here to remind you..
P7095544Said his inspiration is all Jerry Garcia. Saw dude outside Levisons on Cheshire Street. Really great 2nd hand mens shop. For a more wordy description check acl.
P7095556A few great short sleeved Levi’s work shirts. Not insanely vintage but insanely good.. Not just because I work here but because s/s work shirts are kinda good.
P7095559I’ve always been a fan of sammy scarves. I wont get into the history of them..that the mods popularized them, but I been collecting them for years. It always amazes me to find so many in one store.. Long story short, the best scarf to wear all year indoor or out.P7095618Some hipness in them streets. But a good look, not mad. At least in London when its summer you can actually wear wool cap and not look stupid. ITS NOT AS HOT AS SAY WILLIAMSBURG where you’ll look like a fool in that cap in the summer heat.
P7105764A store I have covered here before but as it’s my favourite shop in London, and it’s been 2 yrs since I’ve been. I’ll share. Not alot has changed which is a good thing.
P7105804Some silk robes at their shop across the way which only sells pajamas, robes & ties.