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September 8, 2010

Engineered Garments Store Opens in NYC ~Sneak Peek

The kind folks of Engineered Garments invited me to tour their store that opens later today at 307 W. 38th St. in a space that used to repair sewing machines will now sell their collection as well as Nepenthes and Needles. In fact, the old signage is still there. Not covered or painted over, yet anyhow…

P9079824 P1320692 Bossman/Founder of Nepenthes & Needles designer Keizo Shimizu. I need those socks!! P1320734 Hanging the work of Carrie Housman & Darbury Stenderu The show is based on designs they have done for Nepenthes in the past. I know its a sneak preview but Im gonna delve in a lil here. No two of the fourteen fixtures around the store are alike. There is one made of rare pieces of wood, cant remember the name of the wood but the Japanese use it for chessboards. P1320688 favourite shirt. P1320687 Suits insane. Love it. Costumey, yes, but I'm stuck in the 70's in my head. P1320685 P1320684 Rabbit I think. P1320680 P1320701 Made from actual Woolrich blanket fabric! P1320699 I know some fellas who'll love this long shirt. Myself included. P1320718 P1320716 & just a few standard shirts for a more regular kinda guy. In the photo before this, that club collared black striped shirt on the left is so insanely beautiful. P1320627 Mark McNairy for Engineered Garments. Exclusive Shit. P9079857 Leather & Suede! P9079851 Trickers Monks!!!!! P9079854 P9079847 P9079846 P9079838 Old bandannas made into patchwork pocket squares. They have scarves as well! P1320636 South2 West8 P9079831 Dressing Room P1320637 P1320638 P1320645 P1320652 P9079861 P1320668 Vestibule Jewelry P1320669 Yup, Engineered Garments poncho! P1320672 P1320675 All the buttons are different, and vintage! P9079867 Lets just say pajamas, or my favorite things in the store. You may call them leggings, I call them longjohns! P9079868 Feel that mohair! P1320730 The crown jewel. So dope. P1320712 More artwork waiting to be hung. Thank you much Angelo. That Nepenthes shirt is fire.

September 15, 2009

Craft L.A. Just a great shop

I was pretty mad when my friend Peter told me he was moving to LA, after him pleading with me to come out there, I finally paid a visit and glad I did. All the years of us chatting about Balenciaga, Alden and Turnbull are finally paying off…
When they broke down the walls, they found this really old graffiti on the bricks. Im glad they left it exposed like they did. Its not in your face- you sorta have to almost look for it..
The shop has an incredible selection of vintage shoes, boots and outerwear to compliment the new pieces by Left Field, Alden, Sugar Cane and soon to come shirts by MISTER MORT.
Love a short sleeve sweatshirt, this vintage joint is no exception !
PLease click on this here military shirt jacket and see enlarged
Run by Peter, his Lady Rosa and vintage expert Bill;is this truly magnificent shop. Really a comfortable shopping atmosphere, in fact, you only get spoken to if you so desire, otherwise help yourself! No salesman following you from item to item lecturing you about the designer and all that bullshit. Just quality garments and shoes and good conversation. To borrow from a recent write-up on hyrcollective.com – http://www.hyrcollective.com/daily-blog/2009/05/craft-la/
The space is really nice and open, clean with a emphasis on reused wood and steel for the fixtures and quality on the clothing. Michael Williams wrote a great piece on Craft for GQ’s blog as well