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June 29, 2011

More From Firenze ~ Pitti Uomo SS 2012

DSCF0498industry gawds.DSCF0498DSCF0508 DSCF0514DSCF0514they were wearing birkenstocksDSCF0571
DSCF0514Dude from Brunello looking so fly. Fucking Perfect That Suit.
DSCF0573Dudes of Drakes!
DSCF0581Well heeled outside Pitti.
DSCF0585Love a shirtdress, this ones exceptional.P6132155Liberty on this birds feet..
P6132166P6132166As prints were everywhere, here’s a couple winners from Gitman.
P6142424P6132186I know, I know, thats why I dont like to shoot indoors, but they had such a good look I had too. If you think its awful or they would like me to, I will remove it.
P6142472Peep the boater!
P6142481How to wear a stingy brim! Notice its not perched in back his head!
P6152758Josh on his way in looking cool as a cucumber.
P6152802MY favorite style vest!
P6152823Husband & wife? partners in a store together?..
P6152888Eugene Tong always!
P6152902Il Bisonte Don
P6132198Not sure if Gaspard had a frum upbringing or not but i like his clothes.
P6132218Manastash. Def. Some Of The best Shit I saw At Pitti.
P6132231Super cool casual (drawstring pant) cotton suit from Our Legacy!
P6132240Suede trying to be fancy.
P6132264Haversack dude!
P6132306Yuketen, slippergame outta hand.
P6132307These, I’ll have these please. Thank You.
P6132323Classic case of a boy wearing girls sneakers? I do wish Vans would do these needlepoints though..
P6132360Sartorialist & his men. I thought about showing the full shot but theyre kits re really kinda whatevs.
P6132397On this Italian man at the Lubiam 1911 presentation.
P6163259Inventory dudes. Really nice fellas.
DSCF0620Blessed to hang with ’em.DSCF0745Saw this dude in the train station when catching train to Milan. Favorite shot I think!

September 30, 2010

Josh ~ New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center

Josh is one of two fellas behind the website StreetEtiquette.com I especially love the tweed blazer paired with his patterned shirt. The velvet slippers are also a really nice way to bring in fall when its still nice out. Of course, some of you will want to hate-different strokes for different folks… but since you know me, I will add- while I might lengthen the jacket sleeves a tad, I love how he is werking this lewk! His bracelets sort of compensate for the shortness and it doesn’t bother me a bit.